Thursday 6 February 2014

You writin' about Choppa's suit & pretendin' to like Lil' Boosie, you got no swag, blogga, you hella boosy

Posted Mouse On Tha Track's Been A G Thang on here over the weekend, and I wrote about it more thoroughly for Deep Cuts on Complex yesterday. Mouse's manager was also kind enough to hook me up with the MP3 to post here:

Mouse On Tha Track - Been A G Thang
(From the internet; 2014)

Unrelated note: now Party has officially become Rich Homie Quan's new single, does that mean we can finally get a properly mastered MP3 of it? Where's RHQ's manager at?


Jamie said...

I thought you'd given up listening to Quan?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I was being facetious, although I'll never willingly listen to Man Of The Year again.

Queezy said...

Good piece.

Anonymous said...

Good looks on the mp3.

Thanks for re upping the Mouse comp too.