Wednesday 12 February 2014

School me on Skooly

Or rather, school me on Na Na Boo Boo by Skooly. What year was it from and where did it originally appear?

Skooly - Na Na Boo Boo
(From ??????; 20??)

I'm guessing it was from MySpace sometime in late 2009/2010, which would explain why it appears to be such a cult fan favourite judging from its YouTube upload comments, as well as the shoddy sound quality and its lack of a trail on the 'net now. Sucks that such crucial information has been wiped from the internet like the old videos of RiFF RaFF droppin' n-bombs and the picture of Will High with the rocking horse.

PS: that new ZMoney & JNeal song is pretty wonderful. Is this a Guru & Primo type relationship where ZMoney only really sounds good over JNeal beats?

"Will she make it out the trap? Lord knows
Most these bitches in the trap, they born hoes
Foreign clothes, foreign car, condos
I'm a muhfuckin' star, they John Does"

ZMoney - Dope Boy Magic
(From YouTube; 2014)


Zwoop nation said...

Skooly should be a solo artist

sisilafami said...

Don't have any answers to offer but i would love a skooly solo tape.

breakin brad said...

youtube upload from 2010 calls it an "old ass song"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I noticed that (I ripped the audio from that upload!)

Na Na Boo Boo can't be THAT old, though, because his voice has broken on it, whereas he was a squeaking pre-pubescent on the first Rich Kidz song Wassup, which is from 2009.

E said...

Bet La Mooh has that Will High jpg.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Dope Boy Magic is so Joey Beltram, son.

Anonymous said...

the reason Zmoney sounds decent is b/c JNeal writes all his shit. fact.

CrowleyHead said...

Anon, if that was the case, why does JNeal just sound like a more tedious King Louie?