Saturday 15 February 2014

I need a bag of Deep Cuts

Wrote about Fuck That by J. Stalin & Too $hort and Stupendous by Cashy for Deep Cuts on Complex. The former song I love wholeheartedly, the latter song I like a lot but have major reservations about its artist. Fortunately, said reservations were soothed by the fact I could link to two Concentration Camp tracks and yung Birdman & co's O.G smackploitation Bounce anthem I Need A Bag Of Dope in the blurb:

B-32 & DJ Crack Out ft. PxMxWx & Ms. Tee - I Need A Bag Of Dope
(From I Need A Bag Of Dope cassette; 1993)

Just say no to going out like Dash Snow, obviously!


d said...

Skagrap by The Showboys.

s/o the J-Zone comment section where I first heard this classic.

James said...

Holy shit.

Birdman has come such a long way.

Anonymous said...

Yay I thought the rap internet had thrown j. Stalin to the wayside by now but glad dudes still getting some ears

Kel said...

32 gold teeth!