Tuesday 17 December 2013

We got necks!

Developin' a mild obsession with Stu Hustlah like nothin' since dude is really good at making the sort of wistful mob musik which makes you feel sadder than a basset hound's face:

"Put you n*ggas on ice
Fuck a price, Ima do it for the stripes"

Stu Hustlah - Oh Soo Hard
(From It's Me album; 2013)

Legal issues mean that we're pro'lly never going to see the mythical video footage of Game wearing 50's stolen basketball hoop as a chain, so Stu has elevated the neckwear game to new levels for all Gang$ta-Rappers with an outfit that's vaguely reminiscent of DJ Hot Day on the PHD album cover:

May Apollo grant my man The Spartorialist a million Nicoletta Machiavelli lookalikes in Hades for making me this GIF.


RMH said...

Wat's that gif from?

Jamie said...

Nicoletta Machiavelli <3

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's from the Grind Wit' Cha video!

Feel like this might be the first ever GIF of Stu Hustlah on the internet. Definitely my proudest moment of the year.

Fulci Lives said...

Thanks, Chris. Nicoletta Machiavelli in her prime was a goddess.