Sunday 1 December 2013

Slangin' humble pie and St. Ides in the same sentence # 2

Ahem, I'd like to sheepishly apologise to Jackie Chain for that time I said his Bruce Lean Chronicles 2 mixtape was lacking in the jam factor. It's still his worst 'tape to date but I've come to the conclusion that Trippin' with Rittz is a CHOON. Ain't gon' lie that doesn't feel more like the property of Rittz than a Jackie Chain song (bump it as a primer to Rittz's Like I Am for best results) and I can't front that it doesn't sound like it was recorded by Madame Fanny from 'Allo 'Allo, but it's still 2013's 2nd best example of Country-Rap gone Wavy after Bye Bitch by Mouse On Tha Track:

Jackie Chain ft. Rittz - Trippin'
(From Bruce Lean Chronicles 2 mixtape; 2013)

I love when Huntsville guys rhyme over samples first used on early noughties N.Y underground cuts and Trippin' is perhaps the most notable case of that yet since it uses the same Dexter Wansel loop famously used on Agallah & Sean P's Rising To The Top and not so famously used on that song from MF Grimm's first album where he tried to sing.


Dirt said...

Props on mentioning "Like I Know" by Rittz. There was some good stuff on that Rittz album.

d said...

Ah, I was gonna say post title hall of fame but this is a sequel. Sleeping on your bloggin.

Fuck I havent been following Rittz recently at all, that songs so good too.

James said...

That Rittz song is the shit.

Anonymous said...

There's a few goers on "Bruce Lean 2"..."Yea That's Me" remix and "Climax".