Tuesday 3 December 2013

R.I.P Fredo Fantano

Please welcome your new host of The Martorialist: Chris Thott!


done said...

more monumental than Mick Vegas/Burn One, Yusuf Islam, Mike Bigga and Keyser Soze

Im still smarting from that time I said I preferred Mick Vegas to Burn One on here, theres people getting payed good Noisey money for blunders like that and Im out here drinking Dunnes own brand rum.

Ay speaking of which - Soderberg update: "Certainly, Das EFX could've shifted gears and gone a little more pop (rap nerds will never forget the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 featuring Brian Austin Green rapping along to Das), but instead they dug in and kept the "-iggedy"s coming."
might be a perfect distillation -
essential trivia thats on their wiki page and is so saltine-centric its literally from a show about affluent white teens,
sophomore album thats famous for them abandoning their trademark style/gimmick due to rampant biting, praised for doing the exact opposite!
All it needs is some twee pandering insults directed at the #swj "bro" strawman and clumsy reference to an indie film or canonical blk ppl musician or obscure white ppl musician or rapper buddie/employer/industry connect with zero substance to the refrence or attempt at elaborating the reference or (successful) attempt at humour/ad hominem zing to justify the reference.

Not tryna be some obsessed spineless internet troll harassing the one tireless voice out there doing the good work but that quotes an iron clad, hall of fame classic imho.

Nick Trillvester said...

Resemblance is unnerving.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yuckety-puckety-ickily-dickily BSOD.

Alex said...

very good one

Fulci Lives said...

I really wish a full complete version of Paul Shane's You've Lost That Loving Feeling existed on Youtube.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fuck the BBC!