Friday 13 December 2013

Mistakes of a world in love with the wrong song

Hey young world and Rap industry, you already done f**ked up once this year by sleepin' on Chinx Drugz's How Can I Lose? when it should have been bigger than anything from the crappy French Montana album, please don't make that mistake again by pushing Feelings from Chinx's new EP when Tell 'Em is so obviously, as Mark from Peep Show would say, the one:

Chinx Drugz - Tell 'Em
(From I'll Take It From Here EP; 2013)

This shit is a potential anthem of the Dis Ain't What U Want calibre in-waiting. Besides, Kwony Cash already made the best Feelings song of the year...OF THE YEAR!


Drew Drew Dumb said...

Yeah, but "Feelings" is great too.

Robbie said...

Beyond epic.

Han said...

This rules.

breakin' brad said...