Sunday 15 December 2013

Dexter WHOMPsel

How did I not know there was a video full of dancing yung white ppl for Fiend & Mouse's Lil' Sumptin' (aka the song which originally went by the slightly less savoury title of Slap That Bitch when it debuted on N.O. To The B.R. Volume 10 in late 2012) until a couple of days ago? Notable for all Louisiana Rap mavens because it marks the last recorded appearance of Mouse's dreadlocks in a video before he had them chopped off (VERY HISTORIC MOMENT!), and great news for everybody else because it gives me another chance to link my Mouse On Tha Track compilation where you can find an MP3 of it:

Fiend ft. Mouse On Tha Track - Lil' Sumptin'
(From Lil' Ghetto Boy mixtape; 2013)

BTW, did none of you mawf**kers notice that Mouse produced a track for DB Tha General a couple of weeks back? It's not a particularly great song, nor was it totally unexpected since Mouse has spread his wings beyond the B.R to knock out beats for Fiend, Killa Kyleon, Rocko, Juvenile, and BeatKing over the past year and change, but it's worth highlighting its existence. Man, Rap geeks waited 14 years for a new collaboration between the Bay & Baton Rogue and then along come a DB song produced by Mouse and an E-40 joint featuring Webbie in the space of a fortnight.


Dirt said...

"Feels Guud" should have been bigger.

Jamie said...

I want Mouse's shirt.

SORRY BUD said...


Ben said...

IDG what the little cardboard bear is all about?

D said...