Wednesday 18 December 2013

Is dis the illest blogger in Nebraska?

Hallelujah, something good has finally sprung forth from the embarrassment that is the success of Que's OG Bobby Johnson aka the song which will hopefully go down in the record books as the Compredator to Sh!t's Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em: its beat has been stretched and then pulverised into something way more bombastic on the first King Louie song I've liked since Michael Jordan:

"Lord forgive me, gotta pray
Left all that ammo in my prey"

King Louie - Again
(From Drilluminati 2 mixtape; 2013)

On the other hand, the less said about King Louie's decision to flagrantly bite a gimmick Future already put to bed 2 years ago on the Tony track John Monopoly & Lawless Inc are pushing as Louie's next single, the better. And people wonder why Katie Got Bandz has slowly morphed into Lawless' marquee act this year! Sad thing is, Louie's pidgin South American accent could've made a killer concept song with Tony if he'd have just replaced the word "Tony" with "Lulu" during its hook.

Depressing to see all these rappers STILL caught up on the Scarface hamster wheel in 2013 when they now have their own Rapsplotation movie history they should be celebrating instead. One day somebody will record a Rap song in the patois of Shameek from Belly's Ike Love alias and it will be a glorious year zero. Until then, R.I.P Big Head Rico; may you get your hair did by angels in Heaven's answer to Toni & Guy.


SORRY BUD said...



Big G said...

This is better than "Jeep Music".

breakin' brad said...

i rolls dolo from state to state!

corpsey said...

The track with Lil Herb is good too. 'Again' is the one though for sure.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm Bout It on Blu-ray needs to happen in 2014.

Habibi said...

"I might" is the killer song IMHO. Excepting the last song on the album (and Leek's awful crooning on the the first "bonus" track "Remember", which has a kinda sleazy charm made palatable by the fun faux dancehall beat), I think D2 is amazing. Listen after listen, the thing just gets meaner and meaner, and there's some genuine bonkers sonic experimentation going on there(it took me like 15 plays to like #trndwnfrwht but now I ride to LuLu's manic shouts. Unfortunately, Louie remains as unmarketable as a rapper can get (does any other rapper rhyme as much about blowing opps' brains out?). But that's probably a good thing for those of us who like tough-talk, hedonistic street rap. Anywho - onto 2014. And what's this I hear about a King Louie/KatieGotBandz album?