Wednesday 11 December 2013

Marci D'Arcy

You can't drop science without a little chemistry as the adage almost goes, thus, out of all the guests on Roc Marciano's new compilation type thingymebob Marci Beaucoup, the rapper who sounds most at home bending the rules of the English language in Marciano's universe of nonchalant snarls 'n' atomized snares is Alchemist's current muse Boldy James. Their duet Trying To Come Up is some contemporary grainy Rap-Noir for those of us who wear camouflage Carhartt boxers under our slightly-sagged Cupro lined Thom Browne wool slacks as we pound the aisles of Waitrose on the hunt for fresh smoked salmon:

Roc Marciano ft. Boldy James - Trying To Come Up
(From Marci Beaucoup album; 2013)

Quite like the comparison being bandied about that Marci Beaucoup is Marciano's version of DOOM's King Gheedorah album since there's a couple of uncanny song-to-song parallels: Drug Lords with Roc's weed carrier who sounds like he picked his Rap moniker from a comedy Wu-Tang name generator is its equivalent of Anti-Matter with Mr Fantastik, whilst Psych Ward is tantamount to the album's Next Levels since it sees a remarkable beat ruined by Alchemist's Kelly Brook-reading-autocue soundin' ass dulcet tones in much the same way those Scienz Of Life dullards stunk up DOOM's former Arrow Root instrumental on the Gheedorah LP.


Drew said...

Someone really needs to have a word with Alchemist and tell him to stop rapping.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Anonymous and Robbie: I'm guessing Blogspot has got a gremlin in the system because your comments seem to have vanished.

Jaspar said...

This and "Confucius" are the best songs on the album.

shameekfrom212 said...

somebody needs to give S.A.S. the Leng T'che treatment