Monday 16 December 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 53

Here's a very entertaining short movie from the Rock Steady Crew's Popmaster Fabel about the vicious cycle of STICK UP KIDZ JUST OUT TO TAX in ersatz-olde New York. Highlights include: the whole thing being set to Ultimate Breaks & Beats classics by Heatwave, Johnny Pate, Chicago Gangsters etc; a heap of Lee, Kangol, Pro-Keds, Bally, and Puma gear gettin' snatched right offa folks heads, bodies and feet; and random shots of rats crawling over litter to gnaw at uneaten food for that maximum cinéma vérité swag:

Firm but brief manly handshake to Eard Money aka The Rap Game Claire Cooney for linking me to this.


Drew said...


breakin' brad said...


acting in this is surprisingly good

d said...

This is so good. Crimbo clothes list just got extended.