Wednesday 4 December 2013


"The whole point of being a rapper is making your peers say "damn, I wish I'd have said that first!" and making your audience say "damn, I can't believe he just said that!"
-- Ice Cube in some Hip Hop documentary on UK TV back in the early 90s.

Been burrowing my way through Uncle Murda's back catalogue recently to see if there's anything else I like as much as Wu Wuu Wuuu or even I Shot The Sheriff and I Just Shot Him, which are pretty much the only other Murda songs I'm up on aside from his joint with Jay Camel. Typically, the cut I'm digging most is some barely-mastered boopity-boop shit that only lasts a paltry minute and a half, but which transcends such problems with sheer anomie as it taps into a theme previously explored by Jim Jump in King Of New York and Pretty Tone Capone on Case Dismissed:

"I ain't gon' shoot your leg or shoot you in the arm
I might shoot you in the head or shoot your baby moms"

Uncle Murda - Take Care Of The Witness
(From Murda's Muzik II - Return Of The Bad Guy mixtape; 2008)

Why oh why couldn't this be longer, as Son Doobie has probably said to himself on more than one occasion?


DONE said...

youd dont like BULLET BULLET


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I don't think I know it. Lemme YouTube it.

Anonymous alias of someone important said...

Lol @ title.

step one said...

Only know a few joints from 5 or 6 years ago but was gonna suggest 'Bullet Bullet' aswell.
Best heard with Flex dropping bombs on it and proclaiming it 'the hardest record out right now' - Green Lantern used it on one of his mixtapes.
Also, 'En Why Cee' with Juganot & Joel Ortiz (dont let that put you off).

yeldarb said...