Tuesday 3 April 2012

Katie in the cut, that's a scary sight

Katie Got Bandz is clearly America's next major AZN star, so her only chance of avoiding the appalling racism that was directed towards Jeremy Lin's possibly short duck dong in the American media recently is if she embraces the unfunny stereotype about AZN women's Cocaine Arses before anyone else gets a chance. What's-a-happenin', hot stuff?

Katie Got Bandz - #Team Lil' Booty
(From Youtube; 2012)

The coda of Katie and her crew wildin' out in the club to, amongst other songs, I Don't Like after the video might just be as important to future generations of Rap fans as that Super 8mm footage of Kool Herc and his buddies partying at Sedgwick and Cedar in 1973 from the BBC's Hip Hop History documentary.


Anonymous said...

big asses are overrated anyways. You can get lost in there

Thomas said...

Dying at Katie's dance moves at the 2:11 mark.

I just left her a positive comment on youtube that I hope makes her feel special and loved.

Billy Patrick said...


Katie is the only important female rapper to ever have existed.