Friday 27 April 2012

Ayo ANU... Question!

These other dudes are out here on this internet turning their noses up at Pocahontas, but you and I are both agreed that it's the true spiritual heir to both Slick Rick's Indian Girl and Independent Women by Destiny's Child, right, mon ami?

"So I shot my shot, got to know that pussy
don't give a fuck about your man, I don't know that pussy"

Killa Kyleon & Mouse On Tha Track - Pocahontas
(From Welcome To The Fish Fry; 2012)


sisilafami said...

it's also an ode to the longtime friendship of louisiana musicians with their red-skinned homiez.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I think we can safely call Pocahontas the first bona fide classic of 2012.

Boothe said...

That rhyme you quoted made me chuckle.

Billy Patrick said...

Mouse has far more quotable lines than Kyleon. I was disappointed by how little he rapped on this tape.

I'm impartial to Family Guy and haven't watched it in years but the "bird is the word" faint whisper chorus is hilarious (and bold I say!)

Shawty Lo had a "Pocahontas" themed track last year but Wale was on it, so that track is really unimportant and no one should ever hear it.

Kyleon is so angry when he's rapping at you. That Freddie Gibbs style of rapping at you as hard as possible with little to no style whatsoever. Keeping the rhythm identical with no variation puts me to sleep.

done said...

I might change my mind when i give Kyleon a proper chance but I think the Gibbs comparison makes sense.

I'm starting to believe Bun B was one of the worst influences on modern rappers, all that sage advise is commendable but these youts just think its multiscience and forget where he said shit like "bullets cuttin wind makes a fucked up ass whistle" and went out on a limb with unusual flows and stuff. Pimp C was obviously one of the best influences on everyone ever though.

Bun being a massive real hip hoppers probably gonna lead rappers astray too.