Monday 2 April 2012

'Lito Sayer

Hecky thump, so what was $tarlito's most grandiose April Fools prank yesterday then : the $100 price tag on Bandcamp for the new album or the state of the production on an album we're now supposed to shell out 5 bones of our hard earned money for? To avoid ending up with egg on your face on April 2nd all you really need to cop from Mental WARfare is Burn One's Substitute and title track, the Coop produced 15, and this Lil' Keis banguh :

$tarlito - Live From The Kitchen
(From Mental WARfare album; 2012)

For anyone not keeping score, the best songs from the last couple of 'lito albums have also been produced by Lil' Keis or Coop, while his collaborations with Burn One seem to be generating fewer and fewer keepers per album nowadays. A damn shame when they were probably the best rapper-producer duo of 2010, and 2011 saw Burn One waste a wealth of great beats on overrated nuisances like A$AP Rocky and Alley Boy, and his own stable of Joe The Rapper everymen like Scotty and KD.

So, the subject of the day is Burn One beats that you wish he'd have lavished on $tarlito; a topic which must always begin with Bury Me Alive and Lord Have Mercy, right?


done said...

Ey isn't Bury Me Alive a Mick Vegas beat? Hes up there with Burn One for the hick rap imo:

Far as beats that Lito should've got dibs on:
and every Freddie Gibbs song Burn One produced. I suppose I've come around to Gibbs a little lately but only a little. How come all these snooze buttons have the ears for beats?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Mick Vegas and Burn One are the same dude, dewd.

"R.I.P Mick Vegas, welcome back Burn One..."~

DONE said...

Well I'll be.

AK said...

Isn't Lil Keis the kid who did the beat for "Wonton Soup"? That's awesome.