Friday 6 April 2012

I pay dust heads to bust feds

A 2012 documentary about Half-A-Mill, a dead Rapper with approximately 5 good solo songs to his name from an 8 year career due to his terrible choices in production, is almost as ridiculous as someone making a movie about David Bentley's footballing achievements, but if this film results in 'Mill's full DJ Scratch produced demo from 1995 finally getting some sort of release and the rest of the cuts on there are as jammin' as In The Projects then I guess it's hard to begrudge its existence, huh?

"Half-A-Mill spendin' c-notes, sailin' on sea boats
takin' deep tokes, sippin' on gin, blowin' out weed smoke..

Half-A-Mill - In The Projects
(From his demo tape with DJ Scratch; 1995)

Eternal internet props to DJ Mike Nice and Verge for unearthing and cleaning up In The Projects over on T.R.O.Y back in 2009.

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H.L. said...

If I lived in NYC, I definitely would have went to check this out. If only to see how they stretched this into an entire film.