Sunday 29 April 2012

2002 : A Nellyville Odyssey

Can you believe it's exactly a decade this month since FREE CITY SPUD! t-shirts were de rigueur and Nelly achieved what the (near) combined efforts of the Juice Crew failed miserably at when he ended KRS One's career? Moreover, can you believe this also means it's a decade since Hot In Herre dominated the airwaves both sides of the Atlantic as the most popular Rap song on the planet?

Nelly - Hot In Herre
(From Nellyville album; 2002)

Ten fucking years! I think we can all concur that neither member of The Clipse has ever spat a lyric as witty as "I'm just kidding like Jason" or displayed such command of multisyllabic rhyme as "..good gracious, ass is bodacious/flirtatious, tryna show patience". Similarly, I'm sure we're all agreed that where every song from Lord Willin' now results in diminishing rewards with each play, Hot In Herre just continues to get better and better and better as the years pass, right?


step one said...

As someone who was subjected to Hot In Herre about 8 times a day for 18 months I have very strong feelings about this post. I didnt like it when it came out and I dont like it now. Dont even get me started on 'Dilemma'. Ride Wit Me is dope though.

Bogota Bog said...

YES! Nelly did fuck KRS "Shut the fuck up old man, the best thing about you at the moment is that you look kinda like Frenchie from Brick Squad, but then again you actually have started a church called Temple of Hip-Hop and written a hip-hop Bible so God will strike you down with lightning anytime now" One's carreer up the ass. Much like LL Cool J did when he told Can-I-Bus that 99% of the Bus-fans doesn't exist.

And Hot in Herrrrre is thee JAM, yo! 16 year old me getting drunk and freaky with ze beootifool Norwegian ladieeeeez to this... Ah, thank you, Nelly!

Pluss, Country Grammar is straight up slept on. Shout outs to those who actually remember the 1/4 of a page Country Grammar add in THE BACK OF THE SOURCE YO! Talk about provin' the haturrrz wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nelly didn't end KRS's career. Krisna self-ethered.

step one said...

yeah, KRS hadnt had a big tune out for a while. I think Step Into A World was his last hit really and that was 97ish.
I did like 'My Life' from 06 though but then Im a sucker for reminiscing/throwback records.

Billy Patrick said...

As a young man, I grinded with a lot of young women at middle school dances to this song.


2SHIN said...

As someone who was subjected to Hot In Herre about 8 times a day for 18 months, I have very strong feelings about this post. I FUCKING LOVE this song mayne.

I co-sign anything that makes whyte gurlz channel their inner twerk team.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'd gladly become a Christian if Heaven consisted of Hot In Herre on loop as saltine birds in printed leggings twerk it for the rest of eternity.

step one said...

Hot In Herre was one of those joints I left for the other DJs to play (along with Khia and Cube's You Can Do It). For serious white girl mayhem it was all about my blend of Xtina's 'Dirrty' acapella over NERD's 'Lapdance' beat.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Shout outs to fat Xtina 8-Off Agallahera. She even did flab better than Britney.