Tuesday 17 April 2012

Dick look?

The saddest thing about Trill Entertainment isn't Boosie going to prison forever-ever, because we have a near-decade's worth of material by him to keep us busy, but the fall out which has seen Foxx and Mouse On Tha Track muscled out into the Datpiff badlands as the label becomes a vanity project for Turk and Mel's offsprings. Shit, I love me some Lil' Phat, but imagine a 2012 Trill Fam roster with Mouse as the in-house production/songwriting auteur, Webbie and Foxx cherry picking his finest beats, and potential hits like Swagger Fresh Freddie not being wasted as Youtube clips which still havent scraped their way to 100, 000 views in over a year.

Chin up, though, lads, because Dick Look from Mouse's upcoming Fish Fry album with Houston's Killa Kyleon demonstrates that Mouse is still knocking out the jams for those of us with a sweet tooth for Baton Rogue Rap. Alas, a Dick Look is less clearly defined than a Gas Face or even a Bitch N*gga since it appears that the term applies to both sexes in a variety of different circumstances, but I demand that my Trill Entertainment-related Rap should leave me confused with its contradictory flip-flops of logic since we're never going to hear Boosie complain about police harassment and then brag about possessing illegal firearms and moving various Class A substances in the same song again :

Mouse On Tha Track ft. Killa Kyleon - Dick Look
(From Fish Fry; 2012)


Billy Patrick said...

Very undefined, indeed. Mouse seems to be more focused on the "dick look" as pertaining to the women that have seen his dick. Kyleon is more concerned with the haters, jealous of his "success", who get the same look of surprise when they see him/hear him as the women who see Mouse's dick.

I'm excited for this collaboration (it's coming out 4/24). Kyleon needs some of that flavor to detract from his tendency to rap about how good he is at rapping. I'm also a big fan of the cover and title. Feels like they took a time portal back to 2004 to make this tape.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Billy, I think it might have been a post by you that put me onto the Swagga Fresh Freddie 'tape last year, so thanx for that.

Billy Patrick said...

Slightly doubtful but honored sire! I should start writing about rap music again or something. But writing like the human I am.

Can't get this chorus out of my head.