Sunday 18 September 2011

'Ro, Bun and Mike

So, yeah, there probably isn't a better Rap-A-Lot classic for Z-Ro to reimagine in 'Rother mode than Sho 'Nuff, huh?

Z-Ro ft. Bun B - 'Ro And Bun
(From Meth; 2011)

Much like his verse on Trap Or Die, I like Bun's cameo here precisely because of its simplicity and aggression, and yet there's still something niggling me about it : you just can't be a convincing ageing Texan Gang$ta-Rapper yabbering about "splittin' you from white meat to the red" when you're getting your emotions manipulated online by Bol, hanging out with a chubby ginger like El-P, forming groups with a member of The Cool Kids, recording multiple songs with a dandelion like Drake and acting all civilised to fans on Twitter.

Z-Ro, meanwhile, can't even maintain a working relationship with the rapper who shares his own bloodline let alone anyone else in the Rap game, and should he partake in such activities as social networking and general interacting with his fans on the internet then he probably types in all caps, regularly threatens people with violence and tells everyone to eat a dick every ten minutes, thus he can still come up with some unrelenting and convincing Houston Gang$ta shit even he raps about Jesus over a deeply cynical token mock-Luger banger :

Z-Ro - No Reason
(From Meth; 2011)

Now Mike Dean is doggy-paddling in KanYe money, the least he could do is send a few beats Z-Ro's way. Better still, Mike should just grab a disc of unreleased 'Ro acapellas and hooks to work his magic on since it can't be a coincidence that Z-Ro's 3 best Rap-A-Lot releases have all come about when he had little to no input in the creation of them due to legal troubles or family issues.


Thomas said...

I don't have your email so here you go boss:
C-Bo ft. Young Meek "Rat Heads"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Perfecto. Thanks.

James said...

"Never Had Love" on there is really good.

done said...

Man I'd advise steering clear of Scarface's so.

Rother has one but its just whatever.

Anonymous said...

what do you think are Z-Ro's best 3 releases ?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

First 2 albums on RAP-A-LOT are by far his best shit.