Thursday 29 September 2011

Reasons why I love Youtube # 14

Because you can witness Black Rob running through a melody of I Love You, Baby, Whoa and Bad Boy 4 Life at a graduation party on the back porch of some teenager's house house in Ridgewood, NJ on there. It's not exactly The Tunnel, but proper protocol is observed with the young'n's going appropriately ham after the "ran outta ammo and started throwing bottles" line :

Just when it was looking like it was time to switch over to the 10.5 tog duvet and start schemin' on this winter's jacket purchases, summer reemerges with a vengeance, so there's still time for doz that slept to show a lil' lurve to 2011's most slept-on summertime anthem :

Black Rob ft. Breyan Isaac - Celebration
(From Game Tested, Street Approved; 2011)

I'll probably never be able to comprehend how that godamn Call Me joint by Joell Ortiz became an N.Y radio staple and this didn't go on to be the 2011 equivalent of, if not Juicy, then What's On Your Mind, Sugarhill or Luchini. How come N.Y rappers just plain forget how to make these sort of butta jams?


step said...

that vid is great. I'd like to think BR ran robbed the house when he finished is set and everyone else was outside partying (can someone explain why theres always red cups at those things?)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


ShaDeezy said...

"Crooked ass bitch, today I get you back for this" Classic.

brad said...

great clip

Asher said...

No, Celebration was a disaster. I wanted to like it but was really disappointed.

David said...

Sample to that track is Norman Connors

Theo Parrish beat BR to it tho

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Why had I never heard of Theo Parrish before he got up on stage with Ghostface at the Supreme London opening party? Where's he come from then?

David said...

theo parrish is a house music producer from detroit (originally from chicago tho -- one of his earliest tracks was called 'lake shore drive' i still jam that). The album that made his name, parallel dimensions, was just reissued. hes lumped in with moodyman a lot for whatever reason. His record 'sound sculptures vol 1' is pretty classic and he beat a lot of folks to the Edits game w/ his ugly edits in the early 00s (late 90s?) -- i think that most of the ugly edits released were actually bootlegs but i don't know the entire story. i do know his GQ ugly edit is a huge improvement on the original joint (ugly edit #7 i think)

oh man, he also has a great disco mix called 'these days & times' -- it comes in 2 parts

this put me onto eddie kendricks 'going up in smoke' which is one of the most underrated disco joints out i think

David said...

I saw him spin once in like '06 at sonotheque in chicago, he was blowing the shit out of the speakers. that place had volume issues though, no one in the booth could hear how loud it was outside the booth.

altho maybe he did it on purpose i dunno

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


That makes him randomly popping up at a Ghostface show celebrating Supreme's first European store opening all the more bizarre.

Anonymous said...

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