Saturday 10 September 2011

Brief thoughts on Turf Talk's Return Of The Jedi mixtape

Meh, he's pretty much just rapping over joints which've already been belched over by every rapper on the planet multiple times, although hearing him and Eddi Projex together on the same song is a Marty-meeting-George in Back To The Future type situation which could potentially cause the space-time continuum to implode on itself, and his freestyle over 2011's most ubiquitous instrumental is total The Martorialist-bait which I can't help but post even when I know I should be beyond such obvious pandering to my Jheri-curl fantasies by now :

Turf Talk - N.W.A
(From Return Of The Jedi mixtape; 2011)

It's odd how Turf seems such a marginalized figure in the Sick Wid It camp nowadays when '40, B-Legit, Droop-E and Issue are all over each other's releases and even Cousin Fik can sneak his way into multiple cameos per Earl album and command a decent portion of the great instrumentals floating around the compound the entire Stevens family probably live in. It's not even that he needs Droop-E and Rick Rock on deck since some of the quintessential Turf Talk songs like 24 Feeling Way O.G, Hubba Rock, Back In The Day and Shinnin' have come courtesy of other producers, but when a fucking hack like Ya Boy is getting better beats than him in 2011 then something strange is afoot and we have a definite problem.


done said...

What happened to us having to wait for this here? Nice one, gonna go grab this now.

40 needs to keep it family-orientated, his non related dubcees are shite and theres nothing that stinks up a song worse than a Mistah FAB verse.

sisilafami said...

yeah i don't know what happened with turf talk but it make sme sad.

Thomas said...

I haven't heard this yet but I had a feeling it would be a throwaway mixtape because Turf Sinatra was pretty weak in my opinion. I don't really know what's going on with Turf Talk these days, but he does seem like the odd man out in Sick Wid It as of late...
Thank you for acknowledging that Ya Boy sucks.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That "I don't drop mixtapes, they wait for this here" line was a load of old cobblers anyway because he had the Turf Talk Brings The Hood Colabilation 'tape between Street Novelist and West Coast Vaccine.