Saturday 3 September 2011

"Shout out to Marlo Mike" part 2

"Marlo Mike, bitch, and I'm insane in the brain
bust a n*gga ass when they fuck with Bad Azz
do it on love, I don't need no green
straight kill a n*gga, I ain't nothin' but fifteen"

- From the weed carrier-gala that is Boosie & his hired help's take on Soulja Slim & Ms. Peaches' Bossman; even the lackey who ironed Boosie's jeans for him got to rap on this one :

Lil' Boosie ft. Marlo Mike & a plethora of goons - Boss Man
(From Bad Man mixtape; 2009)

Part 1

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James said...

Jesus, I wonder how many of these songs they're going to use against Boosie in court?