Wednesday 28 September 2011

Dirt don't hurt

I know Scarface tends to think of the Balls And My Word album Rap-A-Lot pieced together to capitalise off the success of The Fix with the same sort of fondness that David Lynch has for the final cut of Dune, but I've always had a bit of a mushy spot for it myself since I was first introduced me to the charms of Z-Ro via Bitch N*gga, and Dirty Money is the best song 'Face and Mike Dean recorded together last decade :

Scarface ft. Tanya Herron - Dirty Money
(From Balls And My Word; 2003)

This was exactly the sort of twangy Country-Rap jam The Fix really could've benefited from to round it out instead of that Neptunes dud Someday. Not tryna hear any protestations about Someday "having a great melody" because it was the one total lemon the Neptunes produced during their 2002 apogee and it stuck out on The Fix like a verse on J-Cole's album which doesn't make you wanna blow your own brains out. I'ma be one blogger clappin', but I ain't applaudin' that motherfucka.


done said...

lol implication you listened to a J Cole album was for rhetorical purposes yeh?

Never got the people saying The Fix was the best one, I even prefer shit like the Facemob album to it myself. Its probably a cross up between ...Is Back & The Diary for me, but even still theres songs from other albums i prefer than any on those.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The Diary is obviously his masterpiece, but The Fix ain't half bad for a noughties Scarface CD.

alex said...

off topic but god do i love lynch's dune so so so much more than it deserves. the inexplicable 76 hour cut they used to show on the scifi channel, with like 3 hrs of narrated exposition over poorly painted panels, is pretty fun too

b/w obligatory pour out a little liquor for the jodorowsky adaptation that never got made

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

There was a really great article about Dune in Empire last year.

Matthew said...

"Someday" might be my favorite song on The Fix. Fuck it, I said it.