Sunday 25 September 2011

Let's talk about sex, Spoonie

Somebody once suggested side one of Fun House by The Stooges is the perfect encapsulation of the male libido on wax, which would mean this Spoonie Gee live routine simply entitled Sex from a secrete & rare Tuff City compilation must be the audio equivalent of the average shag : a prong of sweaty lust that ends abruptly before the 2:30 mark leaving a lingering damp patch, albeit on your brain rather than your bed :

Spoonie Gee - Sex (Live At Danceteria)
(From Smokin' Raps LP; 1986)

So slick was Spoonie as a live performer that you'd almost swear this was a studio recording if it weren't for the faint cheers of the crowd in the background and the cuts of his DJ's crossfader as he juggles the same section of Cavern by Liquid Liquid made famous by The Furious Five's White Lines. Legend has it this was recorded after White Lines was released sometime in 1982 when Spoonie was still signed to Sugarhill Records, so it's a pity he wasn't allowed to turn the routine into a full song as his parting shot for the label because Sylvia Robinson had let Busy Bee record 1982's Making Cash Money using the same Sugarhill house band interpretation of James Brown's Funky President as Spoonie's 1981 12" Spoonie Is Back since the break was a staple of both rapper's live sets; live sets, in the case of Busy Bee, which included the infamous battle where he got roasted by Kool Moe Dee :

Busy Bee vs. Kool Moe Dee - the battle
(Live at Harlem World; 1981)

Yes, this is still one of the most eviscerating character assassinations in Rap, but it's tempting to say Kool Moe Dee ultimately lost the contest on points by letting fellow Treacherous Three member L.A Sunshine excitedly claim "that's why I'm on Moe Dee dick!!" repeatedly at the end as Moe Dee is presumably taking his victory bow. If the scientists employed by Cam'Ron to invent him a new colour were to accidentally discover a wormhole during their experiments, then you suspect L.A would be the first rapper to use it and go back in time to infuse his triumphant whooping here with a No Homo or three.


done said...

Damn I've been meaning to up the Moe Dee battle. Might scan the breakdown HHC did now anyways.

That Spoonie song is great.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Do it, 'cause I'm tryna remember what the exact story was because I remember that the battle actually took place twice over 2 seperate evenings or something.