Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's A Body > It's A Boy remix

I kid, I kid, but this jacking of Grove St. Party by Prodigy & his latest folic acid & penicillin carrier is light years better than everything else he's recorded since getting out of prison by the very virtue of it being a song I've already listened to more than once. Just when you think you can finally stick a fork in lil' P as a recording artist, he comes back with a killer viral video-single again :

Prodigy ft. Boogz Boogetz - Its a Body
(From Youtube; 2011)

P-rod' the Q.B Don looking to Waka as his main artistic inspiration in 2011 would be no bad thing since Flockavelli is the album N.Y thug rappers just plain forgot how to make, especially since its host is a Queens expatriate now conducting his business from ATL with a long supporting cast of his new fantastically named hooligan buddies.

But, still, P's true calling in life now isn't music, but video blogging. There's a huge void left in the internet where Jessi Slaughter's dad (R.I.P) once resided and here at The Martorialist we feel that P's the only man who can plug it


hl said...

Ummm... No.

step one said...

this aint half bad. Didnt think P could pull off the double time thing but its decent. Beat sounds a bit dubstep-ish.

done said...

Snowboard P over Waka actually makes sense, in a weird way. More so than most NY rappers I can think of.

The Great Gats, B said...

Beat sounds a bit dubstep-ish


step one said...

ha! just thought Id throw it out there...