Tuesday 13 September 2011

If lovin' Lil' Phat is wrong, I don't wanna be right

"This can't be no mistake, because it feel so great..."

Webbie - Lovin' U Is Wrong
(From Trill 4 Life mixtape; 2010)

I'm not sure whether I should glow with pride or go drown myself in the toilet, but a friend just told me that I'm currently the Rap blogosphere's foremost expert on Lil' Phat's catalogue and I should collect his best moments together for the next Martorialist compilation. What, you want me to hold your dick for you while you piss too, chico? No, the true Lil' Phat buff must earn their stripes via a personal odyssey through the Trill Fam yungun's oeuvre, but flattery will get you everywhere so here's a few pointers for the idle and the unenlightened : the Life Of A Yungsta mixtape is his most consistent release; Cuttin' Up is one of the key post-Boosie Trill Fam posse-cuts alongside Do It Bigger; the Trill 4 Life 'tape with Webbie isn't half bad, although the best songs on there are the Webbie cuts; Talk Some Mo' Shit will go down in history as a Mannie classic; and I Do My Shit is his solo masterpiece where he addresses the embittered cynics who accuse him of being a third-rate rapper who only has a deal because his father co-runs the label with this slobberknocker of a retort :
"I got a swag that nobody got, ain't jackin' Boosie, tho'
I got my own swag and style, with a crucial flow!"

Lil' Phat - I Do My Shit
(From Life Of A Yungsta mixtape; 2008)

Checkmate, h8erz, because this is that James Murdoch-Rap for all gentlemen who can Just-Do-Them without consequence because daddy is the bawse.


James said...

Have to admit that his and the Mannie one are pretty good.

David said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Posted that a couple of weeks ago, bruv, and I've been riding for that shit so hard that I've granted it status as the new Murder Rap.

David said...

Gonna front like I knew that and just thought it couldn't be posted enough

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The more times What's Happenin' is posted, the merrier.

sisilafami said...

life of a yungsta is bangin, thank you mr martorialist

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

High five!

One day the rest of these oafs will catch up with us.