Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reasons why I love Youtube # 12

Because someone has assembled all four of Rick "The Model" Martel's WWF vignettes into one blustering mosaic of ego. Naaah, dis cat wit' da curly shag and imperious swag can't be from Canada?!! :

"Arrogance - the cologne which loosens up even the most resistant female..."

I mean, yo, it's all luv to David Cronenberg, Pamela Anderson, Corey Haim (R.I.P), Boothe, the blond from Scrubs who played the 2nd Becky in Roseanne, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Trish Stratus, the bloke from the MattGoinHam blog and the entire cast of the O.G Degrassi Jr. High, but if there's a single Canadian citizen who can redeem their country for Drake's ruthlessly bland crusade to pauperize The Dream's whole steez or unleashing raZZmataZZ and Mindbender Futurama onto the internet then it has to be Rick "The Model" Martel. Fuck all y'all middlebrow mincers with your tote bags now because real metrosexuals pack an atomizer the size of Lil' Bow Wow :

Far be it from me to lend credence to the scurrilous and unsubstantiated rumour that Jake "The Snake" Roberts was once so consumed by drug addiction that he'd regularly suck cock in order to score crack, but one imagines Arrogance cologne probably wasn't the last thing to get accidentally sprayed into his face that he had to wipe from his moustache afterwards, amirite?


Maestro Fresh-Wes ft. Showbiz - Fine Tune Da Mic
(From Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be from Canada?!!; 1994)

An undeniable banger, but if you can keep a straight face and tell me that you're glad Showbiz didn't stash this beat aside for AG to rap over on Goodfellas then you're either from Toronto or the best con artist since Bernie Madoff.


James said...

Lmao @ that mindbender video

Anonymous said...

To witness the full extent of Jake "The Snake" Robert's downward spiral along with Dustin Diamond & Lark Voorhies, you really ought to check out the trailer for Little Creeps. http://vimeo.com/25291834

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Mind blown and already searching for a DL link.

Boothe said...

"the fragrance of the 90s"

haha...that Rick Martel clip was hilarious

Boothe said...

Found my way back to this post after watching this.


Some of the early history is interesting, and insight offered by some of the behind the scenes people (Ron Nelson, Ivan Berry) is great, but when they start talking to people like Maestro and Kardinal...it borders on delusion, and self importance.

With regards to the Showbiz collaboration...i haven't heard that song in such a long time. Didn't realize Maestro was so...rudimentary on that track. Shame, because the track hits hard.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, it's a banger so it really deserved a better resident than Wes and Showbiz himself.

Please tell me that crossdressing parasite Mindbender hasn't managed to leech his way into this. Doesn't look a bad documentary if he hasn't.

Boothe said...

No Mindbender.

Maestro's pretty cringeworthy though.

But yeah, it's a solid doc.