Wednesday 8 June 2011

P.T got dough, iced-out mavado

Yep, it's another Mob Style post already. So, back in 2004 a Best of Mob Style compilation magically appeared in my inbox that one of my online associates had just found. It was completely untagged beyond generic track 1, track 2 titles, but it featured all the obvious cuts from the 2 Mob Style albums, a handful of interludes where Azie was talking about releasing a new album in 1999 called The Last Supper, an intro over Ill Phil C's In The Air Tonight and a previously unheard scuzzy-as-shit cut which sounded like it was recorded sometime in the late 90s where Pretty Tone Capone wilds the fuck out with his hallmark gobful-of-spit proto-Ghostface flow on the second verse.

Mob Style - Intro
(From The Best of Mob Style; 1997)

Mob Style - Where The Thugs At?
(From The Best of Mob Style; 1997)

Reading J-Zone's Mob Style post where he's trying to compile a full discography for the group yesterday reminded me I've still got the compilation on some CD-R in one of the drawers I have stacked full of the things so I thought I'd best up the intro and the unreleased song as proof since there's zero documentation online of any best of best of Mob Style collection ever existing. I'm tryna arrange an interview with the Mob Style producer Fred Flak and possibly even Pretty Tone Capone himself so I mailed Fred about the album and the previously unreleased song and he informs me that the best of CD came out as a secrete and rare independent release around late 1997 as it was a response to Biggie and 2pac getting popped, and that the song is called Where The Thugs At? and it was recorded sometime in 1996.

Hopefully the Fred Flak and P.T Capone interview situation pans out better than the Mello-T interview situation did when some dude claiming to be his manager who couldn't offer any sort of proof that he's employed by the godfather of Mississippi gangsta-rap got in touch and offered me an interview for the sum of $250. It ain't who you supposedly know, it's what you can prove, doggie.

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brad said...

ghostface and superb really jacked pretty tone capone's flow