Monday 27 June 2011

Ayo Zed Zilla

Where's this Rents Due Gangsta Grillz mixtape then, B? Your waters were scheduled to break saturday and you were supposed to pop it out yesterday but...nothing. 'Netz is still waitin' on that MP3 of I'm Da Boss and, as rap's O.G whiggas declared on their first notable recording, I WANT THAT SHIT NOW AND SHIT, THAT SHIT NOWWWWWW, I'M TALKIN' NOWWWWW!

As mentioned previously, I haven't dug any of the other leaked songs from Rents Due even a quarter as much as I'm Da Boss, but there'll surely be 2 or 3 other jams on the mixtape since $tarlito and Waka are confirmed as guests, and that Bang Bang joint he appeared on last year alongside his mentor and Gucci was precisely how a modern trap-rap stomper should sound :

Yo Gotti ft. Gucci Mane & Zed Zilla - Bang Bang
(From Cocaine Muzik 4.5; 2010)

There best be a no-DJ version of the 'tape, though, which leads me to a totally serious question that needs asking : other than 20 obvious exceptions to the contrary, are DJs the bane of rap muzik's existence? Consider that in the 80s the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Eric B and DJ Polo were taking credit and royalties for records they had no artistic input on, in the late nineties they were ruining club nights by Yngwie Malmsteen-ing shit up with their silly turntablist antics, and their main contribution to the last decade was bellowing & whooping over songs on artist-themed mixtapes, with DJ Drama being particularly culpable alongside J-Love and Whoo Kid. Has the racist gay bloke with the quiff whom part of the extended Martorialist famalam personally paid homage to a couple of years back really had a point all along when he intoned "hang the DJ" ad nauseam?


step one said...

shots fired!!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You're one of the honourary exceptions.

done said...

You fux with the other Zilla though?

Step you're like an interesting modern NY rapper, ye exist but theres too many dudes tryna throw dirt on your names.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Naw, I prefer this Zilla.