Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bald Head Nutt

From a 2010 mixtape but clearly recorded sometime around 2005/2006 because Curren$y references Wayne on it with the "one shot to (Birdman) Jr. 'll have your block steamin'" line, mentions the then oft-repeated fallacy that Lupe Fiasco could skate, and Nutt Kaze himself acknowledges $pitta's Young Money affiliation twice :

Nutt Kaze ft. Curren$y - Come Back
(From 5 Star Generals; 2010)

What's the deal with this Nutt Kaze guy then? I refer not to his odd little Hitler moustache which makes him a dead ringer for Kase 2 in the extra features on the 2003 Style Wars DVD, but more generally who is this dude exactly since he also has solo songs on 2 of those Community Service mixtapes DJ Hektik & Curren$y put out last year?

Nutt Kaze - I'm Ah Beast
(From Community Service 2; 2010)

His M.O is Louisiana gangsta-rap in the more traditional vein of Ca$h Money, No Limit, Concentration Camp and Trill Fam, and, ergo, I'd prefer a dude interpolating untold Juvenile lyrics per song and rapping about "swiping his goon card" in the role of Curren$y's chief weed carrier as opposed to godamn Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy rhyming about discount codes on at least 4 joints per $pitta project :

Nutt Kaze - Roll Wit' Me
(From Community Service 3; 2010)

I really like Curren$y's new She Don't Want A Man cut (double Aguirre OST swag with the ambient synths and vague traces of panpipe), but I'm way more excited that Amalgam Digital have finally released This Ain't No Mixtape (my favourite rap album of '09 alongside BlaQKout by Quik & Kurupt) on CD than I am about Weekend At Burnies, which sounded so humdrum it barely registered on the admittedly brief skim I gave it. Also, was that really the best 80s movie/weed pun he could come up with for a title when Kush Groove and Roach House are both still available? If his pun game is so weak nowadays couldn't he just simply name his next weed-themed mixtape after 3 O' Clock High, which was probably the only American high school flick of the 80s to use some awesome Godardian jump cut editing techniques in a climatic David Vs. Goliath fight scene; brass knux if ya buck, Jerry :

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step one said...

Covert Coup, seriously...

brad said...

3 o clock high is a classic

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Arf. Maybe one day, Step.