Sunday 5 June 2011

Since DGB didn't hook up a downloadable link to that new B.G. & Boosie joint

I found it elsewhere and thought I'd post it up here :

B.G. & Lil' Boosie - 187
(From Louisiana's Finest mixtape; 2011)

Yeeeaaah, so you can certainly see why Boosie's camp tried to stop this song leaking out since it deals with a particularly sensitive subject matter in the least subtle manner possible, and after what happened with the state of New Orleans using C-Murder's lyrics as evidence against him during his trial, Boosie really should've studied the Eric B. & Rakim modus operandi to criminology : killers are for posing with in posse-cut pictures on the back of your albums, not for shouting out by name in murder-leitmotifed songs where you brag about leaving your local enemies with "their insides, outside" and how "anybody that ever tried to play me, they dead now" with "5 gone in 6 months.", which is about as close to G. Dep turning up at his nearest police station with his arms held out and saying "yeah, it was me, guv', slap the 'cuffs on" as you can get, no? Rap Snitch Knishes indeed, as HL pointed out.

Did you notice what song this is a homage to, though? It's only Juvenile & B.G.'s classic 187 that was featured on the The Best Of The Martorialist (So Far) compilation :

Juvenile & B.G. - 187
(From 400 Degreez promo; 1998 + DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams 2000; 2000)


done said...

Nice one, wasnt really arsed paying for that tape tbh.

Actually I've been listening to mid-ninties Cash Money albums all week and this song emphasised to me how consistent he is. Where other rappers would have loads of peaks and valleys, hes kept it to a pretty decent standard for most of his career.

Lattisaw Tapes said...

*cues up mf doom's rap snitch knishes*

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fuck - I can't believe I didn't include any sort of reference to that, HL.

B.G. also sounds identical to how he sounded on True Story, Done.

James said...

The sort of real gangsta rap you don't hear that often anymore.