Saturday 2 July 2011

Re : Agallah # 2

Just copped 2 XXXL Pro Club tall tees and I'm about to get them airbrushed up with the faces of HL and Blast in vivid flange pink and bellend purple coloured paint as a thanks for the hook-up on Agallah's Doomsday mixtape and the additional reporting on related lost Dipset classics. Doomsday is a pretty great 'tape if you're in the mood for some stank NY shit which combines the best facets of All We Got Iz Us-era Onyx with early noughties Dipset weed carrier joints, and the only thing better than discovering one of those songs which makes you feel that you've been living in false happiness without it soundtracking your exploits all the years you were unaware of its existence is also finding out that there's a remix of it featuring Juelz et Jim :

Agallah - Gun Go
(From Doomsday; 2004)

Agallah ft. Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - Gun Go remix
(From Doomsday; 2004)

Undecided on which I prefer currently; is it the original where Agallah rhymes "as far as me, I got the whole kit 'n' caboodle" with "my bitch got rocks 'n' minks and so do the poodle", or is it the remix with Jim has difficulty with Ag's name and calls him "Agg-you-lah"?


done said...

Juelz with the "several gunholes", I think he references El Segundo too.

hl put me up on Agallah's more recent stuff a while back, hes great but largely ignored for some reason. Being a good New York rapper these days isnt gonna get you blog love, it seems.

H.L. said...

I'm going with the remix.