Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ayo fellow DB Tha General fans

DB Tha General - Upgrade Um 2
(From The King Of Oakland; 2011)

You'ze fucken' goonz do realise that The King Of Oakland is out now on Amazon and Steve Jobs' website, right? I've been soaking it up the past couple of days and can report that the self-styled "Bay Area Lil' Boosie" is now a resounding 2 for 2 as far as stellar 2011 projects go, and OG Music needs to be its first de facto single after the promo mini-movie :

DB Tha General - OG Music
(From The King Of Oakland; 2011)

I'm thinking DB needs to embrace the disco wave for the video, only with a Bay Area mobb musik twist, so instead of glass-bottomed platform shoes with goldfish swimming in them, he'd have piranhas swimming in the air bubbles on a pair of Jordan IIIs.

Go forth and cop the album with the knowledge that this, the title track, Devilz, DB's World, Lil' Child, Upgrade Um 2 and This Ain't No Song join Young OG II mixtape joints like Murda, B Aware, Danger Zone, Young OG, Bury Mutafuckas and Rockin' In Ma Blues in being as good as gangsta-rap by a gentleman who sounds like he's pinching his nostrils with his forefingers gets in 2011, and then puhleez tell me what the hell the sample on OG Music is.


tha motherfuckin general said...


The Great Gats, B said...

"I'm stressed out, call me Kurt Cobain
n*ggas mad, but I'm glad 'cause me and Kurt gon' bang"

bradley said...

these are both sick

done said...

oman I've been living off amazon previews til my copy arrives and this shit is the fuckin greatest.

Gangsta too. That title

The Great Gats, B said...

It's rather good.