Sunday, 24 July 2011

Eff you, Rawse!

Not only have you made it a socially acceptable practice for tubby trap-rappers to bare their potbellies every time there's a camera in their vicinity, thus making us all paranoid about our own stubborn post-winter paunches, but it's been brought to my attention recently that you also flagrantly swaggerjacked the paraplegic one from Da Southern Boyz when masquerading that you were rolling like Davros from Doctor Who in Wayne's video for John :

Da Southern Boyz - Thug Kracka
(From Youtube; 2008)

(Not to be confused with the other Southern Boyz or the Durty South Boyz of Watch Me Throw It AKA the Mike Vick song fame.)

It's not like the newfangled batch of southern-saltines like Yelawolf, White and Rittz don't each have their respective merits but, ultimately, they're all lacking in the BacoFoil jewellery 'n' Southpole jhorts moonshine-rap rowdiness of Thug Kracka which was pioneered back in 2000 on T-Bo & Mike Da Hustla's Baton Rogue underground classic Who Dem Boys? album, with Bad Ass White Boyz being rap's 2nd grandest Drag 'Em In The River homage after Juve's Set It Off :

T-Bo & Mike Da Hustla ft. S.C.C - Bad Ass White Boyz
(From Who Dem Boys?; 2000)

Streetz is still waitin' on a remastered 10th anniversary reissue of Who Dem Boys? with liner notes by Dave Tompkins and Percy Miller, plus a CD-ROM of the content from Mike Da Hustla's now-extinct Geocities page.

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brad said...

looks like the 2nd rappers outfit is made of bacofoil too.