Monday, 25 July 2011

Also from the 50th issue of The Source

The Record Report album reviews section with the magazine's 1993 crew opining on a fairly diverse set of releases including Enta Da Stage by Black Moon, Fear Itself by Casual, T.I.M.E by Leaders Of The New School, No Pressure by Erick Sermon, Uhh! ohh! by Splack Pack, Roxbury 02119 by Ed OG & Da Bulldogs, A View To A Kill by Shadz Of Lingo, 187 He Wrote by Spice 1 and Return Of The Boom Bap by Krs-One. Also included is Reginald C. Dennis' The Dennis Files column on page 2 :

Enta Da Stage being described as a "stunning debut that does not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination" and Return Of The Boom Bap not being bestowed with 5 Mics would be the 2 most pertinent bones of contention here, personally, but there's also some good ol' trademark Source East Coast Bias present with that bogstandard Erick Sermon album being deemed as ‘Slammin'’ as Fear Itself and then receiving a higher rating than 187 He Wrote.


Boothe said...

"I hate to be the one to put it on paper and shit, but Busta needs to do a solo album"

Don't agree with the reviewers statement about T.I.M.E. being better than their debut album.

The Great Gats, B said...

I need to revisit T.I.M.E because I can't remember anything off it at this point.

Thomas said...

Is this how people used to write about rap music?! All I read was the 187 He Wrote review and was thinking, "this is some real cornball shit" the whole time. And it lost points for...not being ahead of the game?!? Fuck The Source.