Sunday, 31 July 2011

Kids 2011

Waka bumps into a multi-ethnic crew of teenage skaters in Manhattan and then takes them to a skate shop and cops them all new boards :

Notable because, as the Palace Gangbanging at Ground Zero video proved, there really is no better modern soundtrack to skate clips than Waka, and because these young 'uns probably got more cash out of him in one afternoon than the Dipset skate team got out of Jim Jones in three years.

Crap skate/rap puns, anyone?

Tonz 'O' Gonz
The Search For Animal Chingy
Get Rowley
Luck Of Lucien Clarke
Video Dayz Of Wayback
Ced Gee (Perelta Force One)
Bones Brigade, Thugs & Harmony
Harold Husalah
Shorty's Kaught In The System
Paid Tha Koston To Be Da Boss
Gleaming The Ice Cube


mister jay said...

damn, waka is so generous and truly supporting the youth of america. waka is for the children!

Big (tony) H.A.W.K.
DJ Bob Burn-one
Pretty Tony Alva
Prince Rick McCrank & Jason Treal Lee

nyquil said...

I fuckin love this!
By the way, do you skateboard? You must; it's nice to know theres other Rap AND skate nerds on the internet that have blogs.
Actually come to think of it, willy staley is one as well...

The Great Gats, B said...

Prince Rick McCrank & Jason Treal Lee


I used to, Nyquil. I was shit, though, so I gave up and just remained an observer of the whole scene.

brad said...

look at the picture on waka's t-shirt hahaha!