Monday 16 February 2015

Generic list post: No Limit Richmond, California edition

Far be it from me to suggest what the Grand Imperial Percy Miller should be doing with his money in 2015, but surely his disposable income would be far wisely spent paying to upload the Richmond, CA-era No Limit Records back catalogue to iTunes/Amazon/Spotify than shooting videos with n-bomb dropping AZNs for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull runt of the Bout It song franchise? After all, how can the chil'ren truly get caught up in the magic of the festive season if they've never heard the West Coast Bad Boyz High Fo' Xmas album?

Strictly 4 the K.I.D.Z here's a generic list post of 20 essential No Limit tracks from the Richmond-era that'll make you howl with laughter at their black comedy one minute and then stun you into silence the next with their vivid depictions of the dangers of being a black man in AmeriKKKa. Never has anyone in rap made biting sound as effective a blueprint as the brothers Miller & their Richmond cronies who were blatantly pillaging the rap personas, song concepts, rhymes styles, and production choices of the popular Ruthless/Rap-A-Lot/Death Row gangsta-rappers of the day, but doing so in the most eccentric and distinctive manner that they ended up being pioneers of low-budget northern California Mob Music.

1. Master P - Somethin' Funky For The Street (1994)
2. West Coast Bad Boyz - High Fo' Xmas (1994)
3. Master P ft. Silkk - The Ghetto's Trying To Kill Me (1994)
4. Master P - Bloody Murder (1992)
5. Young Cellski ft. UNLV - Stressed Out (1994)
6. Master P & C-Murder - Hood Carols (1994)
7. Ray Luv & Tha Link Crew - Born Hustlaz (1994)
8. TRU - Ghetto Is A Trap (1993)
9. Master P ft. Simply Dre, King George & Silkk - Playa Wit Game (1995)
10. Master P - Ooh Shit (1992)
11. E-A-Ski - Straight Business (1992)
12. West Coast Bad Boyz - No Limit Party remix (1994)
13. E-A-Ski - Just For The Radio (1992)
14. The Real Untouchables - I Wear A Bullet Proof Vest (1992)
15. Master P - 99 Ways To Die (1995)
16. E-A Ski - Mama Used To Say (1992)
17. Master P & C-Murder - Christmas in da Ghetto (1994)
18. TRU - Life Of A Gangsta (1993)
19. Master P - I'm Going Big Time (1992)
20. Master P ft. RBL Posse - Tryin To Make Dollar Out Of 15 Cents (1994)

(Strictly 4 My P.E.D.A.N.T.Z: a handful of these tracks by P, The Real Untouchables, and E-A-Ski weren't originally released on No Limit back then, but they're still absolutely canonical and would bear the official No Limit stamp in the late '90s when were reissued by Percy's then burgeoning national empire.)


hotbox said...

This is the only thing on the internet that matters right now

Andrew Barber said...

your no limit card is about to be revoked for not including

TRU - That's How We Break Bread

Master P & C-Bo - Headin For The Jack

Master P - Anything Goes

TRU - Last Dance

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Headin' For The Jack was in the first draft of this list but I swapped it for Tryin' To Make A Dollar Out Of 15 Cents.

Boxden Snitch said...

I need to get up on this era more.

noz said...

no lil ric?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never heard his No Limit CD.

Or the Sonya C album for that matter.

hotbox said...

Sonya C album is wack but Lil Ric has some joints on there. I don't understand why this thread doesn't have 50 comments already.

Anonymous said...

RBL Posse, Young Cellski, Ray Luv, Tha Link Crew, UNLV = NOT from Richmond and far from being Millers cronies.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

All have songs on No Limit compilations, all are eligible for inclusion, all are essential tracks.

Anonymous said...

Lil Ric - Deep N' Tha Game (1994) --->

Unknown said...

Roll Yo Vouges by Cellski off the West Coast Bad Boyz II is another good one

Fred said...

I have to say I would have included Playa Haterz and Always Look A Man In The Eyes from Master P's Ghetto's Trying To Kill Me.

Both songs go so hard, plus the first one has JT Tha Bigga Figga and San Quinn on it, perfect dark bay shit.

And Tru - Tue has so many hits as well, you could almost list half of the album, even though Last Dance and Mobbin Through My Hood are my favorites on there.

Haven't listened to the Lil Ric in ages though.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

Always Look A Man In The Eyes is obviously amazing, but it's disqualified since it was from the 1997 reissue.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Percy & the new No Limit famalam now shooting videos for that song where they rip off Migos + PeeWee LongWay. AZN still firing out n-bombs like it ain't nothin'

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Percy's curating skillz were off the yeltzebub since pretty much every compilation he released in the '90s contained great songs from outside the No Limit family.

David said...

Just here to point out that I believe gelandweave blog did the first post on Cali-era No Limit back in the early 00s & at least deserves a shoutout

hotbox said...

Unfortunately G&W is no longer online. I missed out on the early rap internet era; in 2004 I was getting my first e-mail address.

Noz's CB blunts has a no limit week from around that time period which is still up and fun to read.

Fred said...

Someone makes a .rar file of that comp plz.

Anonymous said...

Fred said...

Thanks dude, this will be shared to some yet-to-be-converted-listeners.