Saturday 14 February 2015

Musical Youth's debut LP aside, Reggae was a terrible genre until 1993

1993 being the year when Shaggy released Oh Carolina and Super Cat dropped the Bad Boy remix of Dolly My Baby.

22 years on from Oh Carolina, Shaggy is still Reggae's saving grace: Night Shift is the song which finally makes amends for him & Maxi Priest not recording a remix of That Girl with Super Cat back in 1996, and his return to form is the only thing that can possibly save the genre from the indignity of Drake's unfunny ginger mate OB O'Brien speaking in patois on Schemin' Up. How is this not number 1 on the pop charts in at least 27 different countries?

Shaggy ft. Maxi Priest & Super Cat - Night Flight
(From Out of Many, One Music (XL Edition) album; 2014)

Conclusive proof the music internet was useless in 2014: everyone went apeshit over D'Angelo's comeback album even though it only contained four good songs, yet nobody noticed Shaggy dropped his hottest joint in over a decade until one of the Irish lads from that ILX message board posted it this week.


James said...

Holy moly.

Unknown said...

I feel you on D'Angelo's new album its okay but its a little to weird for me

Anonymous said...

UB40 > Shaggy