Thursday 5 February 2015

No Black Sheep

Linked this in last weeks Swag-Rap Renaissance generic list, but the song deserves a post of its own since it's the best Battle of The Sexes rap song since Safe Sex by Bo Deal & Mello G Blanca. The spectre of Project Pat & La' Chat's back-and-forth on Chickenhead looms large here, and, as Facebook has proven time and time again, there's nowt more entertaining than a couple airing each other's dirty laundry out in public:

"C'mon let's be real, I know that you broke
Thinkin' that you fresh? Them yo' homeboy' clothes
Just got offa work? You ain't got no job
Same shirt, same pants, shit stains in yo' draws"

Mr. 2-17 ft. The Ratchets - This And That
(From Know What I'm Sayin 2 mixtape; 2014)

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Coli Snitch said...

Love these type of songs.