Monday 2 February 2015

2:45 minutes of funk

"Bend her over in the car, that's what she want me to
But no dough, I ain't budgin' like I got a cramp or two"

Hardini - Come Thru
(From the internets; 2015)

It's cool when you play Pin The Tail On The Unknown Rapper With The Funniest Name as you're browsing Siccness' new audio section and chance upon on a song which sounds like D-Lo revamping No Hoe in the quasi-Egyptian style of Mac Dre's Dipped When You See Me. Give this man a round of applause for bringing back ‘Spongebobs’ as a pejorative 11 years after Slick Pulla used it on the O.G mixtape version of Trap Or Die.

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Catfish said...

Been yokin'