Sunday, 22 February 2015

Shout out to Gucci Souleymane

In the most touching display of Anglo-French unity since Gilles Grimandi stepped to Stefan Henchoz for fouling Ray Parlour that time, one of le français lads from zee rap internet turnt my Swag Rap Renaissance generic list of recent songs by Roscoe Dash, Fetty Wap, J Money & Yung L.A, Lucci, Mr.2-17, KO The God, Rae Sremmurd etc into a compilation. Download that shit HERE.

Like Officer Crabtree might have said to Rene, I hoop zey incloded zat noo Bondet Gong Merko zong too, zhough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for ze lank. It's too good to piss up.

hotbox said...

Thank you kind mysterious Frenchman.

SE said...

you on fire with these mixes bruh

Anonymous said...

We Sadio Mane!!