Sunday 1 February 2015

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be # 4

It's january 1987 and T La Rock is finally on the cusp of releasing his debut album 4 years after It's Yours redefined The New Rap Language. He has 9 songs already recorded with his chosen producers DJ Louie Lou & Kurtis Mantronik, but he's contractually required to deliver a 10 song LP by his record label and has just over 9 minutes worth of space left to fill on side 2 of the album. The LP can only end one way: an iconoclastic yet representative valediction, with its host triumphantly reminding the new generation of rappers already threatening him to make him irrelevant why It's Yours is in their DNA, as the combined talents of Louie Lou & Kurtis Mantronik push the album's tuff LinnDrum sound to its logical conclusion.

Instead, big Tezza choose to end his hallowed long-awaited debut album with a 9 minute sub-Buffalo Gals calamity which features a repeated "What's Up, Doc?" vocal sample that reaches Chinese water-torture levels of irksome by its 4th appearance, Greg Nice ad libbing about his hairy butthole in a hillbilly accent, and DJ Louie Lou doing an egregiously racist AZN impersonation which makes Mickey Rooney's performance in Breakfast At Tiffany's seem like a multi-nuanced portrayal of the AZN-American experience. Its title is Live Drummin' With The Country Boy, it's both uniformly awful and a key song in the history of '80s rap, and nobody has ever bothered to upload it to YouTube in the past decade:

"Confucius say to me
You go to bed with itchy butt, you wake up with sticky fingers"

T La Rock ft. Greg Nice & Louie Lou - Live Drummin' With The Country Boy
(From Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx) album; 1987)


yeldarb said...

i wont hear a bad word about this song, you cunt

Amy Green. said...

remember the titans tho

Dan said...

Terry is the GOAT

The CritIQ said...

To be fair, Bugs Bunny says "What's this?" a whole heap more times than "What's up doc?" on this record.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Taking sides: Live Drummin' With The Country Boy versus EPMD & Frank B's You Had Too Much To Drink.

Ettelthun said...

The only redeeming thing about this is that it makes ;Having Fun' sound like genius by comparison.