Monday 9 February 2015

A Spoonie Gee compilation 4 u

Here's a compilation of songs by Harlem's knight in white linen Spoonie Gee. As rap's O.G smooth-talking convivial raconteur and the first rapper to rhyme in his own mellifluous God-given voice, Spoonie birthed Uptown legends like Ma$e and Max B as well as G.O.A.T's like Slick Rick and Too $hort. Rhyming in his own dulcet tones also gave him an advantage over his fellow class of 1979 rappers, in that his flow always never sounded dated throughout rap's ever-changing sonic backdrop's of the '80s, whereas his more stentorian peers such as Melle Mel and Kurtis Blow were left floundering by 1985 give or take the odd Free Style.

What you'll find on this compilation: his three early disco-band classics as well as his two more polished disco-band recordings for Sugar Hill Records, a 1982 live routine as over the break from Liquid Liquid's Cavern, the two mid-80s tracks with Davy DMX behind the boards, his one stellar song from the 1985/1986 drum-machine era, Teddy Riley's ghost-remix of Take It Off with those Go-Go drums that were the trademark tic of his productions between 1985 - 1987, and a trifecta of his golden-era tracks with Marley Marl working his magic on the production tip. Find 'em all below like you're trapped in a virtual reality Manic Miner:

Spoonie Gee - Harlem Knight In White Linen (compilation)

1. Spoonin' Rap (1979)
2. Love Rap (1980)
3. The New Rap Language (w/ The Treacherous Three) (1980)
4. Monster Jam (w/ The Sequence) (1980)
5. Spoonie Is Back (1981)
6. Sex (live at Danceteria) (1982)
7. The Big Beat (1983)
8. Street Girl (1985)
9. Get Off My Tip (1985)
10. Take It Off remix (1986)
11. Spoonie Gee (1987)
12. The Godfather (1987)
13. She's My Girl (1987)


If you wanna explore the Spoonie Gee catalogue any further then you're gonna have to go discover them 1987 new rap swing tracks with Teddy Riley for yourselves - Did You Come To Party would be the best one to start with, and you'd have to be rollin' like Davros or Degrassi Drake not to bust into the Cabbage Patch when you first hear I'm All Shook Up.


H.L. said...

Which joints did Marley produce?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The last 3 - Spoonie Gee, The Godfather, and She's My Girl.

d said...


yeldarb said...

stop the "that's my style" + "i'll serve you right" hate

Piff said...

Good looks.

Home and A Yay said...

"Mighty Mike" remix not being on YouTube is the crime of the century, word to La The Darkman.

Pat said...

Link's dead. :-( Any chance of a re-up??? Trying to get hold of a good copy of Love Rap.