Monday 23 February 2015

*Guru voice*

It's mostly tha beat which makes you flip, it's mostly that bass which reminds you of a certain 2009 song by DJ Quik:

"Pussy n*ggas hate ya when you're climbin' up the ladder
Worryin' about me, n*gga, I fucked around and lapped ya"

Rocko - Strap On My Lap
(From Expect The Unexpected mixtape; 2015)

Thank you Bas(s)ed Rocko for making a song that sounds like what I wish Young Dolph songs sounded like. Gave this one a whirl in the car yesterday afternoon and that bassline turned me and mines into the ginger kid from Adventures In Babysitting:


GGGGG said...

That was known as A Night on the Town here in Australia.

Queezy said...