Wednesday 25 February 2015

R.I.P to Nate Dogg, he bodied Warren G on Regulate

"I'm a real G, this ain't a movie
Cats lookin' for me, they Shaggy & Scooby"

DB Tha General - B's And C's
(From Gang Enhancement album; 2015)

Last year The Kid Ryan's No Boundaries posed an interesting question - could Regulate-core become a legitimate sub-genre of west coast rap. Finally we have an answer in the form of this new DB Tha General track - maybe, yeah. Naturally, the sun, moon and stars ensured the codification of this new offshoot genre could only happen during the same week as the Warren G X Kenny G collabo on Jimmy Kimmel.

Afraid I shan't be checking for any more new DB Tha General from hereon in due to his increasingly annoying penchant for constantly repeating his own lines in EVERY song. It's a practice that's neither big nor clever nor acceptable from anyone in 2015 unless Mike Jones passes the microphone to Albert Arkwright:


d said...

Listen very carefully I shall say ziz only once

The amount of times that shit fucks up you tyring to put someone sceptical onto a new rapper, this shit aint bounce.

d said...

DBs always done this a bit though tbf

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

In the past he might do it once a song but it'd be at the end of a verse or to emphasise a particularly nasty line.

Now he does it at least 3 times every song at the start of verses, in the middle of verses and pretty much everywhere else too.

d said...

This songs literally like 4 bars. Way more of a waste of a beat than recycling verses this shit

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Only way DB can worm his way back into my good books now is if he records a remake of Ackrite called Arkwright

yeldarb said...

the morse code arkwright stutter joke >>>>>