Wednesday 4 February 2015

Biz Khalifa

"Back when I was a kid I used to drive aloooone
Always feelin' like I was stuck out here on my own
Now my pockets are full and I'm still drivin' slow
What goes on in my head, don't nobody really know"

Wiz Khalifa - Smoke Chambers
(From Soundcloud; 2014)

Post-divorce Wiz is a Numan altogether: solus in his car, weary of the outside world, and somehow now possessing the ability to remodel this casual freestyle over some Mac DeMarco song that sounds like a really weird gay night at Blackpool Ballroom circa 1974 into Biz Markie's Alone Again 2K14. This one dropped late last december and works best if you consider it as a harbinger of Wiz releasing his sensual 8 minute odyssey with Ty Dolla $ign - the The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug to ease you into the Black Ego.

Hearing this for the first time on Charlie Sloth this afternoon made it worth suffering through all the grim UK road-rap and that OB O'Brien & Drake song where Abu Hamface attempts to do a Jamaican accent.


Deezy said...

"Prince Of The City 3" needs to happen!

hotbox said...

not bad!

Zara said...

I can't seem to download this? Help!

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, it wants you to sign up for some website when you try and dl it. Sod that.

Download it here instead.

TheSpaceGhostPurrpGuy said...

I was wondering when someone from the Rap Internet was going to talk about this one.

Idealistically dreaming of a Lonely Hippie Wiz album. Will probably get another terrible one.