Sunday, 20 July 2014

You mention me? You better jump a fence from me!

Copywrite's recent bullshit "yo son, I got 5 DUIs and Stone Cold Stunnered a cop so I'm going to jail until november!" publicity stunt to promote his new Amalgam Digital album has just reminded me that he was featured of one of my low-key favourite 12" singles on Fondle 'Em Records with the other bloke from MHz who wasn't Camu Tao. If Ratchet production is the great leveler of rappers nowadays then moody piano samples were the great equaliser during the 1997 - 2002 indie-rap era:

"Stay outta the section when I'm lacin' joints
Any suggestion of battlin' is outta the question like an exclamation point"

Jakki Tha Motamouth ft. Copywrite - Widespread
(From Widespread 12"; 2000/MHZ's Table Scraps compilation CD; 2001)

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Kato said...

I never saw that shop before hahaha.

Anonymous said...

what jail lets you bring luggage?