Thursday 24 July 2014

But ya mom was in the Cocktails video

"When TMZ had me runnin' from the cop car
I had 4 naked bitches at the spot, boi"

Too $hort - 19,999
(From t'internet; 2014)

19,999 isn't Mumm-Rap The Ever Living Too $hort's age, but the amount of bitties he's claiming to have rogered. This song feels inevitable after this, this, this and, indeed, this. It's not quite the Function-ready Blow The Whistle some of us have been hoping for, nevertheless it's a much better modern $hort single than this and probably his best solo song since this.


Helen Chamberlain, hoe said...

This is exactly what i want from a Too Short ratchet song

James said...

Fuck yes.

Lucien said...

"19,999 isn't Mumm-Rap The Ever Living Too $hort's age"


ackbar said...

this deserves a mention:

that new kool john album slapping. good mix of ratchet function music & cash money influence