Friday 18 July 2014

There's Levels to this shit

What do rodents say when they play bingo?

'Eyes down for a full mouse'!

That was my favourite Mouse joke of all time, this is the new Mouse On Tha Track full length Air Time:

If you read this site, chances are you're already versed in what to expect from a new Mouse release, so the only insight I need to offer you is that you should probably add Level & Mouse's Get It Back onto the tracklist and pretend its a retail-only bonus song:

Level ft. Mouse On Tha Mouse - Get It Back
(From Unsupervised album; 2013)

PS: yes, Liberation (The Cut) is really about Mouse chopping his dreads off. Regardless of whether you like his music or not, you gotta admit that Mouse is one of the few rappers out currently who can get away with making a song about getting his hair cut. Imagine such a topic in the hands of Stalley or one of PeeWee LongWay's shirtless mates and shudder.


Unknown said...

I'm not sure how but this blog convinced that Mouse on Tha Track is pretty dope for what he is and much more enjoyable than "Real Hip-Hop" from the likes of rappers like Termanology and Joey Badass.

ILX Snitch said...


LA said...

That 2nd track with Kevin Gates is whoa.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Been jamming this all day today. More hits than misses but I'm disappointed there's not more sanging like he did on Sip Some Moet and Millionaire Dreaming.

d said...

Fucks sake, no A-Wax album but new Mouse had to drop while Im without internet.

Sucks about the singing, he knocks it out the park everytime. like hes a legit good voice, song structure etc. Whatever happened to Locco? love that dude.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

New DB Tha General album on tuesday too.

THE GUY said...