Tuesday 29 July 2014

"Bruv, this dude looks like a Polack Sheek Louch!"

That was my first thought when the WaxFase plug Rey upped Thug Deluxe in Ackbar's classique School me on A-Wax thread back in 2008. Once you get over the initial shock of 'Wax "not even (being) bruh-bruh" he might be the first peckerwood rapper whom you quickly forget is white until those occasions when he brings his ethnicity up in song:

"My prayers were answered when that package landed
Put that weight up on my shoulders, bet my back can stand it
Whiteboy Piru with that plug make me Black Hispanic
When the people hit the do' we know what's crackin' damnit"

A-Wax - Only Pray
(From Pullin' Strings album; 2014)

Pullin' Strings is living up to my expectations on first listen, though I've yet to work out which song this snippet is home to. On a futher Puttin' The TM Into TMZ Whilst Lurking On A-Wax's Instagram tip, it looks like These Bros Ain't Loyal is an archly appropriate swansong to his tenure with Brick Squad. Feel like my own prayers have been answered here because the only truly great thing to come out of that ill-fitting dalliance was the hook on Yeah Right.


RMH said...

Peak Martorialist.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The "want my money back" song from Instagram isn't on here :-(

Queezy said...

Backstory on the pic please, bro.

Queezy said...

Listening to this now.

Shit is hot.

Siccness Snitch said...

Album is dope.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

^^ Lulz at that moniker.

Queez, A-Wax was throwing shots at Waka a few weeks back on Instagram calling him out for charging BSM guys for features but not charging "suckas", and declared that he was no longer down with BSM "because you don't rep somethin' that don't rep you".

Wax then leaked Bros Ain't Loyal last week, which was clearly a subliminal dis track to Waka with one of the features Wax had paid for slapped right dab in the middle of it.

Now Waka has retaliated by befriending and hanging out with Husalah, which is the equivalent of Juelz et Jim hanging out playin' pool with 50 on 106 & Park that time.

sisilafami said...

Hus prolly doesn't make music anymore but he stays flexin http://instagram.com/p/qaTzPWJfXH/

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Dying at this pic. It's Donal's ultimate fantasy come true.

MJ said...

Best A-Wax album in a minute.

THE GUY said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ideal tracklist for this:

1. 40 Dollars
2. Only Pray
3. Lay 'Em Down Twice
4. They Don't Know
5. No Limit
6. Mozart
7. Home Wrecker
8. Fair Exchange
9. Trainwreck
10. Trust Issues
11. Jetsons
12. Trufkit
13. Maury Dance
14. Had It Wrong

Lick Read as the B side to These Bros Ain't Loyal.